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Santiago here!

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, I would like to offer you the opportunity to provide your guests a unique dining experience that no other restaurant in your market is able to match.

Do I have your attention?

Speaking as a "foodie" I love fine dining. But sometimes the wait is challenging as I'm sure you know. What if I told you that I have a way to make the wait simply VANISH? The art of providing quick service is to minimize the wait time or to give the illusion that the wait time is diminished. That can be achieved by the art of distraction or in my case, misdirection.

As a Magician who performs table side entertainment I can keep your guests happy while they wait for their meal or table, making that time just DISAPPEAR! People have a lot of choices when it comes to their dining experience but what brings them back over and over is something special. Something they cannot get anywhere else.

By creating not just great food but also a unique and entertaining atmosphere you create more than just a meal, you create an experience.

Santiago Restaurant Magician

I would like to help you create an AMAZING restaurant experience! Let's talk today!

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