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5 Straight

This eBook of Five Easy to Master effects will start you on your way to learning the Art of Magic.

Included are:

  • Seven Robbers - A great story told with a deck of cards!
  • X-Ray Vision - A simple Card Sleight lets you See Right through them!
  • Dice and Mind Reading - With just a simple pair of dice you will read their mind!
  • Sticky Fingers - The power of levitation right at your finger tips!
  • Salt Shaker Through The Table - A Classic Penetration effect you can do in any restaurant!
With these Five Effects you will AMAZE anyone!


Mind Over Matter

This eBook of three effects focuses on the fascinating idea of using the mind to control things in the real world.

  • Control your Heart Rate and Stop Your Pulse!
  • A comedy Spoon Bending Routine that will amaze them and you can do it anywhere!
  • Engage in a Battle of Wills with nothing more then a Deck of Cards!
Includes a section on the Philosophy of Performing Psychic Effects!


Name the Mage

A spectator selects one card from six with the name of a particular type of magician on it; alchemist, sage, wizard and so on. The cards are placed on the table and just with the power of your mind you are able to determine which name they selected.

eBook includes templates to make your own cards for this effect!


Santiago's Guide To Tarot Reading

This 64 page eBook gives you all the information you need to start reading Tarot for your friends and family at parties and other gatherings!

This system is tried and true and can be learned in as little as a day!

It also includes information on several different reading styles, and even includes a section on creating your very own customized card spreads!


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T-Shirts and Posters from the mind of Santiago.

T-Shirts and Posters from the mind of Santiago. You'll find T-Shirts of magic, comedy, fencing related and SCA related activities.

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