Raves and Reviews from Santiago's Clients

Any performer is only as good as his audience decides. Here are some quotes from Santiago's audiences.

Dear Tim "Santiago" Converse -

Thank you very much for helping to provide the entertainment for our event. I feel things went VERY well. We appreciate you showing up on time, well in advance of the party start time. This helped to take the pressure off of me keeping things on track.

There seemed to be a steady flow of guests sitting with each of you for a reading so I feel the number of people you brought with you was sufficient for the size of the group we had. They were all very nice and professional.

We would definitely use you again for future events.

Staci Simmons
Branch Manager

The performance was everything we could (and did) ask for. Our guests were entertained as well as us. A great sense of humor and engaging magical performance. He added an extra level of "magic" to an already wonderful day. Thank you for everything.

Kevin and Christine
The Happy Newlyweds
Oakland, CA

Dear Santiago,

Thank you so much for making my Halloween/Housewarming party special. I believe your "spooky magic" show was the crowning point in the evening. It is a real treat to watch you perform. I don't think a person in the room took their eyes off you! I particularly enjoyed your haunted key. In a house as old as ours, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a ghost or two.

Thank you also for your fire-breathing performance, plus it's encore! I remember hearing several of my guests express their concern that they missed it the first time, but you seem quite delighted to oblige a second demonstration. Plus, watching you teach several guests to "eat" fire was a very generous gift (particularly watching my boyfriend try it out.) Thank you.

I hope to see you perform many times in the future.

-Meg Heydt
Vallejo, CA

Dear Santiago:

I just wanted to say "thank you" and more importantly, "wow!" In the three years I have been with NorCal Business Marketing Association, we had not had a mixer event. Our 1930's "gangster" theme was a success in part because of your great magical talent and ease with which you engaged our attendees. You even dressed the part, which made the event even more fun.

Strolling among folks, you had a personable patter and yet you were never in the way of conversation between other guests. Of course, your sleight of hand was terrific, and I hadn't seen many of your tricks performed anywhere else. You were on time, professional, and fun.

Thanks again for helping make our mixer a success, and we hope to do it again next year!

Yours truly,

Mike Tubbs, VP Membership
NorCal Business Marketing Association

Dear Santiago;

Thank you so much for performing at my wedding on 11/1/2003. Your magical performance added a nice touch to the entertainment and the surroundings of our very special day.

Your act adapted to the music and dancing perfectly, and it provided a unique experience for many of our guests children and adults alike!

In particular, the impromptu show you put on during the "After Party" was extremely well appreciated by the members of my wedding party and their companions. All of my friends raved about you for weeks afterwards.

I would certainly be pleased to recommend your services to anyone looking for something new and different for their wedding entertainment.

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding celebration unique and fun for everyone.


Nell Murray
New York, NY

Dear Santiago;

On behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to thank you again for your performance at our annual picnic.

Even though the conditions in a public park were less than optimal for performing, you were calm and professional and more than capably kept the audience entertained. Your illusion and storytelling skills are nothing short of amazing, and we can't wait for your next performance.

Laurie Hupman
RoseWater DyeWorks

Dear Santiago,

On behalf of all of the partners, associates and staff of Finnegan Henderson West, I would like to thank you for your lively participation in the Holiday Party 2002 this past Saturday.

In particular, you were able to move well between different groups of employees socializing, demonstrating your talents in illusion over a range of skill areas. You entertained without imposing or intruding, and you contributed more generally to the positive aura of the evening. Furthermore, paying little attention to the time limit implied by our payment level, you went above and beyond your call, continuing to entertain off and on long into the night.

We will certainly consider you for future firm events. Have a happy holiday season.

Amy Duxbury, Office Manager
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner

Dear Santiago, Conjurer;

Thank you for the excellent performance you did for our office holiday party last week. The variety of magic you did was great and the fire eating finale was truly remarkable. Your magical skill amazed us all! Everyone who attended the party was still asking "How did he do that?" the following day at work. You certainly helped make our party a memorable evening.

- Bonnie L. Neary, Office Manager
Kenyon and Kenyon

Thank you very much for your wonderful contibution to the United Way of Santa Cruz County Annual Victory Dinner held on March 18th. Many of our guests commented that the walk-around performances were the best part of the whole evening! You greatly helped them get into the spirit of the event. I would highly recommend you to any organization or individual.

-Cary Oliva, United Way of Santa Cruz County

Recently I had the honor of meeting him at a special magicians conclave in New York. The attendance of this conclave was strictly limited to those who's knowledge of the various magical art disciplines extended the bounds of traditional magicians. In this light I might add that there were many well known, professional magicians in attendance that could take refuge from their bright lights and following of fans.

It was at this time that Santiago's knowledge and performance of Medieval Period Magic became a true asset to the conclave. He went into great detail explaining and teaching the roots of their art, the "hows and whys" of the Medieval Performance Magician, to almost everyone there. His demonstration of period magic left everyone with a longing to know more about magic from times long past. His ability and understanding of the "proper" period handling of the various effects we found to be not only beautiful in their presentation but flawless in their execution.

-Richard Wilson, Historical Recreationist