Lecture Series

As an experienced Toastmaster and Teacher, Santiago brings his skills to events of all kinds.

Santiago's Magic offers lectures on a variety of topics. Below is a sample of the lectures currently available.

Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking is the number one fear of approximately 90% of the population, and yet basic, face to face communication skills are perhaps the single most important skills anyone could have.

Santiago provides information and workshop style training on overcoming this fear and turning yourself into an effective public speaker.

Stage Craft for the Magician

Most magicians getting into professional performing do not realize that they lack the basic stage craft skills neccessary to become effective performers. Even performing in a "street magic" type of venue requires a set of stage skills!

Santiago has a lifetime of stage experience to draw from and can give you the tools you need to become a more effective performer both on stage and off.

Creating your Character

The great magicians became great by being original.

Do you want to be remembered as you or do you want to be remembered as an imitation of some other performer?

If you want to be an original then you need to create your own character and Santiago can help you do that. Through a series of creativity exercises you will learn what character types best suit your performing style and what you need to do to develop a unique character all your own.

The Business of Magic

This advanced lecture is an exclusive look at what a new magician needs to know in order to truly become a successful professional.

The business world is not easy to navigate and Santiago will show you the tricks he has learned in order to develop a presence in the world large enough to become a solid working magic professional.