Haunted Evenings



The strange world of the paranormal, mystical and arcane. Fiction and fantasy and magic of a kind not often seen, “Haunted Evenings” is a world of strange and bizarre happenings that will leave you wondering --

Do things really go bump in the night?


Yes they do.

Praise for Haunted Evenings

"Wow! Who knew that this magic stuff could qualify as wholesome adult entertainment? None of those childish tricks for me. We're booking this guy for our next business convention!" - T.Ghbeish

"The howl of the wind, the creak of a floorboard, and the eerie tales of Santiago are all you need for a truly 'haunted' feel." - S.Linehan

"Between shadowed eyes and flickering candles, I felt we had stepped into a haunted parlor straight from a Victorian novel." - M.Heydt