About Santiago's Magic

Santiago is dedicated to providing you a unique Magical experience on a personal level.

Santiago has been studying the art and history of magic for well over a decade. In that time he has become a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. more commonly known as the Magic Castle in Hollywood California.

His performances are often historically recreated in period settings from Medieval to Turn-of-the-Century, and include Magical happenings and intriguing storytelling.

He is also an accomplished actor, having performed on stage for more than twenty years. Over the past ten years he has been an active member of The Golden Stag Players. The troupe is part of a medieval recreation group known as The Society for Creative Anachronism.

Perfectly comfortable on stage or platform, Santiago favors working his magic intimately with small groups, at tableside or while strolling about.

"Grand Illusion is a lot of fun to watch. But ultimately that is all you can do - watch. With Close-up magic things are much more personal. They can even happen in your hand. When that happens the look on peoples faces makes it all worth while."
- Santiago

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